Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A New Job

Today I accepted a job offer. Like many, I went through interview hell to finally get this offer. Now I am here and excited to start, which I officially do on February 4th. This relates to my car purchase post, since I will be doing a decent amount of commuting until I can find an apartment close to my office. This new job will allow me to have some funds to have new investments so I will be able to offer even more advice to you all. Those looking for a new career or job within their path, my advice to you is never give up or lose hope. Many around me wanted me to break down and lose hope, but I never gave up on myself. It is there for the taking. Carpe diem!


Ms. M&P said...

Congratulations! And that's great advice--definitely pertinent to me right now ;)

Ryan said...

Thank you very much ms. m&p. It does take time and with today's economy if companies are hiring at all, you know they must be doing something right.