Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Job Update

Well most of my day today consisted of doing all the legal paperwork signing for my new job. Tedious but hey I am not complaining with the new job haha. Unfortunately, the rest of the week I am not working. I officially start next monday, then begins the training for my position. I will gladly update you all on it, as I am sure the job will come up in a blog or two.

The stimulus bill just passed the House as I am typing this post. I know it is a band-aid type fix on the economy, however I am glad something is being done to help. I honestly want Congress to focus on a long term solution (if that is possible for them).


Ms. M&P said...

The Senate is supposed to pass the stimulus next week, so maybe those checks will be in the mail sooner than June :)

Good luck with the new job!

Ryan said...

Haha maybe. The Senate sounds bogged down with the idea of tacking on more unemployment benefits. So we might have a slight delay.