Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2008 Goals

As the new year has begun and I have a new job, I thought best to have goals set in place financially and personally (don't worry nothing that personal).

1. Fun account Pretty general right? Well after all the bills are paid I want enough to set away for potential fun. I am tentatively saying $500 since this will be the last thing I put money into.

2. Emergency Account This is going to be separate from my "fun" account. I want at least $1,000 in this account.

3. Get an apartment close to work I am defintely going to need this ASAP. It will cut down on my gas and allow me to put more money into the top two accounts.

4. Get a return on stocks Haha a scary goal while looking at the market at the moment. I am a good picker of stocks which I will show you in coming posts. I want at least a 15-20% gain on my portfolio for 2008.

I will update you all on how this is going.


Ms. M&P said...

Wow. can't wait to see your picks for stocks! great goals!

Ryan said...

Thanks Ms. M&P. I just need to reach them haha.