Friday, February 1, 2008

Stocks to look at...

Hey guys, back with some more stocks to look at.

My big one today is Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM). I would never advise anyone on investing in car companies with the exception of Toyota. I don't need to tell you that their cars and trucks are reliable, however there maybe some things behind the scenes of Toyota aren't as obvious.

1. They run their business extremely well. There is open communication throughout the company that allows them to respond to problems immediately. Whether this is a problem with a vehicle or the way it is constructed, Toyota has made a name for their efficient manufacturing model.

2. Leader in Hybrid technology. Hybrids are future no question about that. When I say future I don't mean 10 years down the road, but development for any other fuel will take time. Not only is Toyota going to be revamping their hybrid batteries in 2009, they are also coming out with a brand new Hybrid model. Also their Lexus brand is going to be unveiling another hybrid to their fleet.

3. R&D. The previous two all lead to this, research and development. Toyota spends millions per day just in R&D. Millions per day! That is a chunk of change that shows why Toyota manages to beat American auto makers every year.

The next company you should all take a look at is The Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD). I know you are saying, who the heck is Middleby? Middleby is a manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment. MIDD has a relative monopoly over this industry, every major restaurant has an oven, deep fryer, etc fom Middleby. There is a never ending demand for new restaurants, thus MIDD has an endless stream of customers.

These are two excellent companies. Please do your own research, but you will see I did pick two very nice companies here to add to your porfolio.

Disclosure: I do not own any stock in either TM or MIDD.


birdfeeder said...

Middleby does not have anything close to a monopoly in commercial food equipment. Enodis for one is larger as is the Ali Group.

Fact checking before issuing information is al important.

Ryan said...

MIDD has a relative monopoly because although Enodis and Ali make very high end kitchen appliances, MIDD has the contract for Dominos, McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King. So when I said relative monopoly I mean they hold onto the chain market with numerous products.

Also looking at strictly market capital, Enodis is a much smaller company, only $560M to MIDD's $1.08B.

Don't worry I check my facts haha.