Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey Long Time No Post!

Sorry guys. Been really busy with work. I do a 3 hour commute to and from work each day so that takes a toll on me when I get home and barely get any time to myself. However, I am not complaining. I feel this sacrifice is needed to either move up within my corporation or become more marketable if I want to move to a different company, and hopefully a different city (closer to my girlfriend). Speaking of the gf, I visited her last weekend and realized then that a long time apart from one another is very difficult. I am definitely going to be working more cash into my budget to see her. I am sure my gf would agree with this investment too haha, but many might actually see it differently and think that using too much cash during this time for a relationship would be unwise. I would like to argue that in life we really need to see the larger picture. What are we working for? Our own gain? Family gain? Here in my respect I feel I am working toward a future with my gf and seeing her is definitely building on that. However not only am I looking to the future, but to the present in what makes me happy and keeps balance in my life. Those of you in a relationship I am sure can understand what I mean.

Well just for a further update on my life, I am getting deeper into my position and in the next couple weeks getting more responsibilities. I recently set up my 401k retirement with 4% of my income going into 3 mutual fund groups that focus on emerging markets and small-mid cap growth. These groups are actually risky if you are thinking of reallocating your 401k retirement. However, I looked deep into the portfolio and saw many companies I invested in, thus I picked the fund.

Also, I chose a health insurance plan that is a Health Savings Account (HSA). I encourage you all to pick these accounts if you can. They benefit the healthy, low medical cost patients, but still have a decent plan to cover you if you do get sick. The benefit of my corporation's HSA is that the company contributes to my savings account. The savings account is used to pay off any health costs that go toward your deductible.

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Aw, Ryan... Thanks for mentioning me in your financial blog haha. :-)